Originals Basketball – Inspired by Shoes

Grassroots Activation Series

In a series of local activations intended to bring adidas Originals’ creator sports brand to life, Opinionated focused on how shoe design can inspire other creative expressions. For the first activation in LA, we asked consumers what flavor their favorite basketball shoe would be if it were an ice cream. Next, we traveled to Atlanta, and posed a similar question to that city’s most celebrated barbers: if your favorite basketball shoe were a hairstyle, what would it look like?

Yung Series – Flashback to the 90’s Internet

Digital & In-Store Product Launch

To launch the adidas Originals 90s-inspired Yung series, we created a campaign that literally rolled back the clock to the days of the early Internet, complete with pagers 32-bit minigames and a website featuring some seriously old-school web design.

Cozy Advertising

Multi-Platform Product Launch

Opinionated conceived and executed Allbirds’ first-ever integrated consumer campaign, launched in Spring 2018. The print, outdoor and hypnotic video made people viewing Allbirds’ advertising feel as comfortable as they do wearing a pair of Allbirds shoes.

Donor Recipients Give Thanks

Digital Video

GoFundMe is the iconic brand for fundraising and charitable giving. In November 2017, we created a film that gives beneficiaries of the year’s GoFundMe campaigns the opportunity to thank everyone who helped them in their time of need. The work launched on the eve of Black Friday, right as people were preparing to spend billions of dollars, to remind everyone of the true meaning of Thanksgiving. 

Be Your Own Yogi

Integrated Brand Launch

Opinionated conceived and executed Yogi’s integrated consumer campaign, launched in Fall 2018. Through a Millennial-inspired voice, and featuring mind-bending Yoga demonstrations, the work empowers a new generation of tea drinkers to be their own yogi, holding true to Yogi’s authentic heritage and deeply-held sacred beliefs.